• Title: LET'S EAT!
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  • Released: 2009-11-09
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Both regular and dieters can use these meal and snack suggestions. If you are dieting then look for and use items with lower sodium, low fat or fat free. There are tables of food items that give a general serving of that particular item. When using the suggested serving size just remember that you might need more then one serving of each of that item to accommodate what your body weight and size and physical activities will need on a daily basis. Remember that a serving is merely a means of measuring the amount of calories and nutritional information of what you are consuming each meal. You choose all that your body will need. Ask your doctor of course if there is any restrictions when following any meal plans.
There are also holidays, special days, celebrations, anniversary dates and special events meal plans.
I’ve included some recepies, plain cooking. You can tailor these recepies with your favorite seasonings, herbs and other choices. pdf
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