How To Be A Professional Soccer Player-

  • Title: How To Be A Professional Soccer Player
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 91
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Written by experienced English Premiership Youth coaches and scouts, this book details the process required to reach the elite level in football. Through years of expertise working with both Academy and International soccer players, How To Be A Professional Soccer Player reveals in nine chapters:

- Exactly how to be scouted by a professional football club in England.
- What is crucial at an early age and how something you see or pass every day can make the difference.
- The full breakdown of every technique of an elite professional football player from control with different parts of the body to a variety of passing methods ... and how to perfect them.
- Why it isn’t always the most talented boys who succeed to professional football – with evidence.
- What physical requirements are needed – and what NOT to do.
- What the Premiership players eat and drink on a regular basis.
- How your son’s birthdate can be crucial to being “scouted”. And it’s nothing to do with Astrology!
- What psychological techniques a young player can incorporate in his game to reach optimum performance. These are currently being used at the elite level.
- How to get professional trials with a soccer academy in England.
- Given the shift towards a more technical game in recent years, what are Premiership scouts looking for and will this change? pdf
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