The Dutch Rabbit-

  • Title: The Dutch Rabbit
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  • Released: 2009-05-18
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  • Pages: 103
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  • ASIN: B002ACPHN6


Rabbits have made rapid strides in popular favor of
late years, and many varieties now appear in the show
pens, not only differing in size and shape, but also in
color and markings.
I do not think there is the slightest doubt that at
the present time there is more attention paid to these
small pets than at any previous period in the history of
the world, and that great numbers of persons, if not, as
in some cases is probably done, earning their livelihood
by breeding specimens for sale, are at any rate making
thereby a substantial addition to their incomes.
I propose to give some particulars which may afford some of the novices amongst my readers practical information as to what they should seek after and avoid in their dealings with other fanciers.

Bonus 1

A book on judging rabbits in shows. From the preface;

I have been asked by many breeders, registrars and younger judges
to place before people in our industry, (because it very surely is an
industry), some book of this sort. All I ask is that you follow me
through these pages with an impartial and an unprejudiced mind,
and believe me when I say that I have no idea of criticizing any of
our judges, nor do I wish to leave the impression that I am superior
or better informed than some of our other judges. My sole object is to
help foster a better understanding of our standards and a more uni-
form placing of awards.

Bonus 2

A complete guide for the amateur and professional rabbit keeper. This guide will give you complete information on hutches, feeding, managing your buck and doe, as well as diseases and their treatment. Also a chapter on a rabbit warren and its management.

Bonus 3

Several pages of rabbit stories, anecdotes, and general trivia, which is all interesting, fascinating and enlightening. You will absolutely love this section.

Get this book now and you can immediately start learning more about your rabbit.
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