NEC 2011 (NFPA 70)-National Fire Protection Association

  • Title: NEC 2011 (NFPA 70)
  • Author: National Fire Protection Association
  • Released: 2010-09-24
  • Language:
  • Pages: 870
  • ISBN: 0877659141
  • ISBN13: 978-0877659143
  • ASIN: 0877659141


About the 2011 Edition of the NEC®

From the Publisher

  • New requirements added that focus on workplace safety, including labeling at subpanels to identify feeder supply source.
  • Updated every three years and outlines minimum industry standards for all types of electrical installations.
  • New and revised articles, including Revised Article 625 with vital changes covering safe battery charging for plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Revised wiring requirements and receptacles.
  • New installation rules to improve electrical worker safety.
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