Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire-Scot Anderson

  • Title: Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire
  • Author: Scot Anderson
  • Released: 2006-06-20
  • Language:
  • Pages: 264
  • ISBN: 1585881465
  • ISBN13: 978-1585881468
  • ASIN: 1585881465


About the Author After interviewing numerous multi millionaires, reading more than twenty books on becoming a millionaire and listening to nearly 400 hours of CD’s on obtaining wealth, Scot came to a conclusion, Billionaires think differently than the rest of us. In just one year, Scot changed his thinking, and this took him from having a net worth of maybe $250,000 on a good day, to a net worth of over $3,000,000 in just one year. That’s a net worth more than twelve times where he started, with an additional $15,000,000 in current projects. If he continue on that pace, he should be a billionaire in the next ten years. Take this journey with him, change the thinking in you, begin to think like a billionaire, and your life will have no choice but to produce it. pdf
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